The Seijōtōkyorin is where the Central 46's members reside. It is the only place in all of Seireitei that is completely off limits to all except the Central 46, no matter what reason they may have. The residences are tall, thin tower-like buildings with the entrance raised off of the ground and accessed via a short stairway, with a wooden walkway surrounding the building. There is a tall, narrow window in the wall starting just above the door that continues to the top of the tower. Little of the interior is seen beyond the entrance, with no furnishings visible. It is unknown if there is only one floor, or if there are multiple levels inside the towers. It is not revealed if there is a difference between the residences of the wise men and the judges.

Notable events to occur here are the reunion of Aizen and Momo Hinamori, and the confrontation between Aizen and 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya.