The Soul King Palace consists of several layers, with one layer suspended above the other. The lowest level is comprised from many buildings of the same style to that of Seireitei. From this, a large stairway leads upwards to a wide and flat expanse, with both areas at the base and top of these stairs being lined by rows of huge, circular pillars. Floating above are five discs with numerous buildings on each, while suspended higher still is a large cylindrical structure that has a conical top and bottom.


The sekkiseki walls that surround Seireitei are ordinarily intended to protect the Soul King Palace, instead meant only to fall down to Seireitei in times of emergency. However, if emergencies occur in succession, they remain in place around Seireitei indefinitely until things are returned to normal.

The Soul King Palace is further protected by 72 barriers between it and the Seireitei. Should these barriers be forced open via clothing constructed from an Ōken, they cannot be closed off for 1 hour and 40 minutes due to the sheer defensive power of the clothing.

There exist a group of elite guards known as "Divine Soldiers" which are led by Senjumaru Shutara. Each guard wears a black hakama with a gray sash tied around their waist and a black mask with four light-colored lines tracing over their heads, and their hair is tied into a long spike at the back of their head before being left to hang free about halfway through the length. They are all armed with swords. 

There is a much more powerful version of these soldiers known as a "Second-Class Divine Soldier", which Senjumaru refers to as the "Shield of the Soul King". It resembles an ordinary soldier, but is extremely large and wears a circular black hat on its head. The backs of its wrist each have one-half of a large, black, circular shield on them. 

Yhwach's Changes

After absorbing the Soul King, Yhwach drastically altered the appearance of the Soul King Palace, most notably by bringing the Wandenreich City to the palace and placing the main palace at ground level while covering parts of it with ice. He also connected the five floating cities nearby to the Wandenreich city, thus creating a massive Quincy Zeichen, and formed a massive, tower-like palace with Silbern on the top for his new stronghold, which he calls the Wahrwelt because it will be the cornerstone of his new world. One of the five branches forming the city is known as the Zwei Ast.