Brock All 4 Gens

Brock (left is first and second gen and right is third and fourth gen)

Brock, the eldest child in his family, started off looking after all of his younger siblings while being the Pewter City Gym Leader, a tough job indeed. However after meeting up with Ash, Brock met his father who ran off long ago and thus decided to travel with Ash on his journey while his father, Flint, took over the responsibilities of the gym and the family. Brock's main Pokémon ambition is to become a Pokémon Breeder and during his travels he has learned a lot about Pokémon and their habits, especially during his tenure assisting Professor Ivy in the Orange Islands. Brock is a very flirtatious person and acts as a father figure to Ash & May, giving them advice and hints while in battle. He is also a good cook.After the Sinnoh League, Brock started reconsidering his goal and decided to leave and train to be a Pokémon Doctor.


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